Before and After

Phase I Orthodontic Treatment

Limited phase I braces were needed on these 7 year old patients to correct their crossbites and build room for permanent teeth to erupt. A healthy smile also helps build self confidence at an early age.


Limited Phase I braces and an expander were used to correct the crossbite and make space for the permanent teeth. In 10 months we were able to help her achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

Comprehensive Orthodontics

A palatal expander and braces were used in 2 phases to correct the bite, build room for all the permanent teeth and create a wider smile.


Braces and elastics were used to correct the crowding, deep bite and overjet. In 24 months we were able to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. The self confidence that can be gained from orthodontics is the most rewarding aspect of our work.


This patient had braces and a Class II corrector placed to reduce the overjet and give a more balanced profile. Gaining more chin projection to create a balanced profile is a benefit of orthodontics that can achieved if orthodontics is during your adolescent growth spurt.


With braces for 15 months along with an expander for the first 3 months we were able to transform his smile.


Braces were used for less than a year to correct the bite and prepare for bonding of the undersized lateral incisors. We enjoy working closely with our local dentists to achieve great results for our wonderful patients.


There are many benefits to having orthodontic treatment. These patients had an amazing boost in confidence and created a healthy beautiful smile.

Adult Orthodontics

With full braces with no extractions we were able to build room for the blocked out tooth and center the patients midlines. We also were able to close space from a previous extraction.


We work closely with general dentist and specialists in the area to make the best treatment plan for our patients. This patient had braces prior to implants and veneers. She looks amazing!


With good compliance and a good candidate for Invisalign, we can achieve amazing results with Invisalign Teen. This patient had Invisalign and elastics for a year. Beautiful!


Invisalign can have awesome results with a good candidate, good compliance and most importantly a good comprehensive plan from the orthodontist.

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